Agenda transForm

Agenda Transform


Agenda transForm targets the digital transformation of the forest sector in a resilient and low-carbon economy, and is integrated in Component 5 (C5) of the Recovery and Resilience Plan (RRP), which focuses on Capitalisation and Business Innovation, in the context of the incentive systems for Mobilizing Agendas and Green Agendas for Business Innovation.

Coordinated by Altri Florestal and under the technic and scientific management of CoLAB ForestWISE, Agenda transForm represents an unprecedented effort of sectoral cooperation, involving 56 partners in 30 collaborative projects organized in 6 Work Packages.

The Agenda transForm aims to bring a structural transformation of the Portuguese forestry sector, addressing the entire value chain. The mission is to make a significant contribution to sustainable forest management, optimize industrial processes, boost the competitiveness of the forest sector, and ensure greater connection to markets and consumers. For that, transForm will deliver 11 new Products, Processes, and Services (PPS), supported by digital technologies, with a high degree of innovation.

The implementation of Agenda transForm will occur till December 2025 and mobilizes public and private funds with a foreseen total investment of around 129,3M €, allocated to productive investment, R&D and innovation, qualification and internationalization, and dissemination and training.

Agenda Transform

General Goals

This will be achieved through:

- implementation of circular economy best practices and other improvements in the eco & cost efficiency and flexibility of logistics and industrial processes

- diversification in the offer of biomaterials, bioproducts & biofuels with origin in forest resources, recovered wood/paper, and industrial by-products, to replace fossil-based materials

- development of new markets and applications for wood-based products, including sustainable constructions and eco-packaging

- reinforcement of silvicultural best practices and new plants more resistant and adapted to climate change

This will be achieved through:

- promotion of digital solutions in the realm of Forest 4.0

- development of new electric/hybrid machinery adapted to local conditions

- emergence of new businesses for companies producing forestry equipment and digital technologies specialized in the forestry sector

- advances in specialized data-driven services, which will help to automate/dematerialize the value chain processes towards cost/energy efficiency gains, and better planning and decision making

- capacitation of human resources and companies to increase the technological maturity level of the forest sector agents

This will be achieved through:

- promotion of sustainable forest management and adequate fire-prevention silviculture

- improve biomass logistics through electric machinery, and improvements in eco & cost efficiency of logistics and industrial processes, combined with other circular economy practices