Specialized Services

Specialized services for forestry

Support forest managers in conducting sustainable management and adopting silvicultural best practices for more productive, biodiverse and resilient forests 

Planning instruments and services: Provided by forest engineering companies |High-quality data from the permanent forest plots network | Assessment and certification of ecosystem services 

Benefits: Increase forest productivity | Reduce imports of native species plants and raw materials | Reduce fire risk and burned area and avoid GHG emissions | Increase capacity of carbon sequestration | Increase biodiversity 

Data-driven services and decision support

High-value data and novel cartography to improve planning and decision support in the forest sector

Remote sensing data: Contribute to forest management planning and fire prevention actions |Control wood transport 

Cartography:  Monitoring forest health |Conducting sustainable forest management 

Benefits: Cost savings (e.g. fire surveillance based on remote sensing) | Reduction of burned area | Reduction of GHG emissions 

4HUB: Digital and training hubs for the forest sector

New digital platforms and capacitation actions to improve knowledge transfer and HR qualification  

Capacitation actions themes: Sustainable forest management | Best silvicultural practices | Planning and monitoring of forest operations | Digitization of management and accounting processes 

Benefits: Improvement of operational efficiency and security | Increase business volumes | Foster economy of rural areas 

Moulds for eco-packaging

Customizable new moulds produced from bio-based raw materials

Innovative moulds: New formulations incorporating industrial waste from paper pulp industry | Biodegradable and recyclable packaging | Low cost

Benefits: Cost reduction in the treatment of industrial waste | Reduction of GHG emissions | High added value for the market