Biomaterials & Products


New fertilizers with the potential to substitute and complement currently used organo-minerals, contributing to a superior performance

New organo-mineral fertilizer: Produced from industrial residues resultant from paper pulp production | Unique content of organic matter | High efficiency and ability to release nutrients | Flexible composition

New biostimulant: Based in live microorganisms | Acceleration of soil regeneration after fire | Soil biodiversity improvement | Increase plant resistance to soil pathogenic fungi

Benefits: Superior performance comparing to other organo-mineral fertilizers | Reduces ecological footprint


Innovative and sustainable biorefinery concept to recover and value Acetic Acid and Furfural from renewable sources

Acetic Acid: 100% organic | Yield greater than 90%

Furfural: Overcome the seasonality in traditional production (depends on agricultural production cycles)

Benefits: Reduced energy and environmental costs | Increase production of two high value compounds

Recycled and eco-friendly wood-materials

New fiberboards and related products, with a high degree of wood waste incorporation

Green MDF boards (Medium-density fibreboard): Replacement of up to 10% of virgin fibers with recycled fibers | New industrial-scale process that recycles wood chips from used MDF and other non-hazardous wood waste

Glued laminated timber material (SIP – Structural insulated panels; Glulam – Glued laminated timber): Production from cryptomeria | Integration in prefabricated components for sustainable buildings

Benefits: Lower consumption of resources| Minimization of waste | High value applications of wood | Overcome scarcity of domestic virgin wood

Furniture eco-design

New sliding doors of large dimensions and deep relief, based on an innovative lightweight structure, produced using the 3DF biomaterial

Molding/milling process: High quality 3D panels

Three-Dimensional Fiberboard (3DF): Moldable | Formaldehyde-free | FSC and PEFC certification

Benefits: Lower consumption of raw materials | Lower waste rate | Reduce emissions | Reduce dependence on virgin wood

Low carbon equipment

New generation of forest machinery and implements for automating forest operations

Electrified and digitized forest machinery: Fully interoperable | Equipped with novel sensors to collect and share data

Innovative software components: Multi-agent environment | Planning functionalities

Benefits: Increase operational efficiency | Reduce equipment maintenance |Reduce GHG emissions | Overcome scarcity of qualified manpower