Valuation of ecosystem services


The provision and remuneration of forest ecosystem services (ES), such as the regulation of water quality, biodiversity, and soil quality, is one of the central themes of the EU Strategy for Forests 2030, thus resulting in a justified perception of the importance of public policies associated with it (forest, biodiversity conservation, spatial planning) that can stimulate sustainable forest management and its certification. The project aims to develop and test methodologies for the evaluation and valuation of forest ES adapted to Portugal and integrated into international standards.

Main Activities

Research, Development & Innovation

Contributes to PPS


– new mapping services – land cover map for 2022, bi-monthly land use and land cover change maps, maps of vegetation cover in fuel management strips;

– new artificial intelligence (AI) models: stock classes (eucalyptus and maritime pine), estimated age classes (eucalyptus and maritime pine), post-fire landscape evolution, occurrence of pests (eucalyptus and maritime pine);

– rural fire risk warning and forecasting platform.




2BForest, Altri Florestal, CoLAB ForestWISE, ISA, Navigator Forest Portugal, RAIZ