Electric Vehicle Project presented at Open Base Day

On September 17, the Association for the Development of Industrial Aerodynamics (ADAI), a partner in the P2.5 project: Boosting electric motorization in the forestry sector in Portugal, as part of the TransForm Agenda, had a space dedicated to Electric Vehicles at the Open Base Day in Monte Real.

This project aims to create an Electric Motorization Observatory for Forestry, which includes, among other activities, the benchmarking of electric, hybrid and hydrogen equipment and vehicles suitable for the various forestry operations – installation, maintenance, logging, transportation, and the processing and handling of woody biomass and wood in parks, as well as the respective charging stations.

This project includes research activities directly related to electric charging possibilities in the forestry environment and in the forestry industries.

In addition, it will promote productive investment in electric equipment and encourage its use, namely by carrying out productivity and investment analyses in comparison with other fossil fuel equipment used.

The entities involved in this project are The Navigator Company; CoLAB ForestWISE; Altri Florestal; REN; Unimadeiras; Florecha; ADAI.