Training Action on Digitization and Innovative Technologies for the Forest Value Chain

Today, the Coimbra School of Agriculture hosted the “Digitalization and new technologies for forest-based value chain planning” training session, promoted by Agenda transForm as part of the Forest Knowledge Academy project. The event was highlighted by the presence of Mikael Rönnqvist, a forest logistics expert from Laval University, Canada, who acted as one of the trainers.

The initiative brought together managers and technicians from the forestry sector, who contributed their experiences and knowledge, making the event an enriching opportunity to exchange knowledge and innovative practices. The training focused on digitalization and new technologies applied to the forestry value chain, essential topics for the modernization and efficiency of the sector.

Mikael Rönnqvist, with his vast knowledge and international experience, offered insights into forestry logistics, highlighting the importance of digitalization in the planning and management of forestry operations. This was key to enriching the program content and providing an overview of current trends and challenges.

Participants had the opportunity to explore various tools and emerging technologies, discuss their practical applications and assess how these innovations can be integrated into their daily activities. The exchange of experiences between the professionals present was one of the highlights of the event, strengthening collaboration and the development of joint solutions for the forestry sector.