A “Better Forest” is being created in the parish of Almagreira

A “Better Forest” is being created in the parish of Almagreira, in Pombal, in an initiative carried out by Biond – Forest Fibers from Portugal, in partnership with the municipal company PMUGest and the local parish council.

The actions carried out by Biond have a clear purpose: to fortify a fire-resistant, sustainable and productive forest. This forest metamorphosis is taking place in a strategic area, with the aim of creating a protective barrier for the urban core of the parish of Almagreira.

The intervention area is a Demonstration Field for the “Better Forest” Project, funded under the Transform Agenda of the Recovery and Resilience Program (PRR).

This synergy between Biond, PMUGest and the parish council is a remarkable example of cooperation for a common good. Together, they are planting the seeds of significant change, not just for the landscape, but for the quality of life and safety of local residents.