Biond held an information session on Good Forestry Practices in Mortágua

On October 27, Biond, a partner of the TransForm Agenda and coordinator of one of the collaborative projects in the region, held an information and dissemination session on good forestry practices. The event took place in Vila Moinhos and dealt with the recovery of eucalyptus stands affected by fires.

The session, which took place indoors due to adverse weather conditions, was centered on the Mortágua Demonstration Field. During the event, the Better Forest Program was presented, highlighting the post-fire recovery actions implemented in the field. The techniques and equipment used were explained in detail, providing a valuable opportunity to share information and experiences with local forest owners.

The presence of Cerne Agroforestry, which is responsible for carrying out the demonstration actions under this project, further enriched the session. The company shared insights into the practices implemented and contributed to a productive discussion on sustainable forest management.

The session was actively attended by 25 forest owners, a service provider (Cerne) and two Biond representatives, Henrique Vieira and Ricardo Rolo. This meeting provided a unique opportunity to exchange knowledge and build a support network between the various stakeholders.