Remote sensing data for forest management


The project will develop artificial intelligence algorithms that will use satellite images, nano-satellites and drones, with the aim of developing forest information and producing cartographic products related to forests, which are fundamental for forest management and risk mitigation, both on a landscape and stand scale.

Main Activities

Research, Development and Innovation

Contributions to PPS


– new mapping services – land cover map for 2022, bi-monthly land use and land cover change maps, maps of vegetation cover in fuel management strips;

– new artificial intelligence (AI) models: stock classes (eucalyptus and maritime pine), estimated age classes (eucalyptus and maritime pine), post-fire landscape evolution, occurrence of pests (eucalyptus and maritime pine);

– rural fire risk warning and forecasting platform.


Razão D’igualdade (RI)


Altri Florestal, DGT, Navigator Forest Portugal, RAIZ