Harvester Logset Hybrid is part of the forestry sector’s decarbonization roadmap

In line with the roadmap for carbon neutrality in Portugal and the European Commission’s Green Deal Pact, the “ME – Boosting electric motorization in the forestry sector in Portugal” project, part of the transForm Agenda, has developed a decarbonization roadmap for the sector, where new technologies are identified and disseminated as part of the project.

Among the new technologies, machines using hybrid engines are already a solution in Portuguese forests, namely the Logset Hybrid Harvester.

Logset is a Finnish manufacturer of forestry machinery and has invested in hybrid engine technology to improve efficiency while reducing fuel consumption and, consequently, CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

The Logset 8H Hybrid Harvester is one such example. Preliminary data indicates a reduction in fuel consumption of between 10% and 15% compared to traditional models. In addition to reducing operating costs, it provides a reduction of around 40 tons of CO2 per year.